November 2, 2016




High quality parts are molded with high quality tools!

Our exceptional team of engineers and tool makers are committed to getting it right from the start.  Tools are designed in 3D utilizing solid modeling software to insure the highest level of accuracy.

●Autodesk Inventor 2017
●Matercam 2017 CAM Software
●Domestic & Off Shore Sourcing

Frequent and thorough tool design reviews at each critical step involve engineering, quality, and production on all tools.  Our team applies the same level of precision and attention to detail whether or not a tool is built by B&B Molders or by our valued partners both domestic and offshore.  We have experience with many different types of construction techniques as listed below.

●Standard Mold Bases
●M.U.D. Inserts
●Conventional Runner Systems
●Three Plates Molds
●Automatic Unscrews
●Pneumatic/Hydraulic Action
●Lifters & Cams
●Beryllium Inserts

Once a design is complete, the custom tooling process begins.  Speed and accuracy are driven by our highly skilled toolmakers utilizing CAD/CAM information fed directly from engineering to our precision machining centers.  The tool construction is strictly monitored for progress and status reports are provided on a regular basis.  This allows B&B Molders to deliver high quality tools on time at competitive prices!