November 2, 2016



B&B Molders prides itself on supplying high quality products and unparalleled service in everything we do! Our ISO 9000 certification provides the foundation for which customers can trust their products and processes will be managed with excellence. From material lot trace-ability to our final inspection we are committed to assuring compliance to stringent standards.
ISO 9001:2000 Certificate
●D.O.S Registration #: M20519
●Cage Code: 4MWV8


●100% Dimensional Inspection
●Brown & Sharpe CMM
●MicroVu Optical Measuring Machine
●X-Rite (SD60) Spectrophotometer
●Insertion/Extraction: Tinius Olsen H5KS
●Moisture Analyzer: Omnimark Mark II
●Melt Flow Indexer: Dynisco D4003
●Electronic Gauging
●Fully Calibrated Equipment
Gauge Pins
Gauge Blocks
●Computerized CPK & SPC Charts
●PPAP Submission Documentation


“Stimulate Intellectual Curiosity” is a Core Value at B&B Molders!  We keep our promise to educate and train our employees through partnerships with local colleges that offer accredited programs in plastics technology.  Continuous training and improvements to processes keep us on the leading edge as a competitive supplier……and we love it!!