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B&B Molders LLC was founded in 1963 by inventor and tool maker, Paul Bergin.

The next 21 years B&B Molders created a wide variety of custom plastic injection molded products for many industries.  During this time B&B Molders also began developing a proprietary line of products for Holiday Rambler, an industry leading recreational vehicle manufacturer located in Wakarusa, IN.  In 1984, Mr. Bergin retired and sold B&B Molders to Mr. Richard Klinger, President and Owner of Holiday Rambler Corporation.  Two years later, 1986, Holiday Rambler and all its holding were sold to the legendary motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson, Inc.  Over the next 10 years, B&B Molders’ experienced and aggressive management team successfully grew the company through continuous innovation in plastic injection molding, new product offerings, technology, competitive pricing, and unparalleled service.

In November 1996, B&B Molders’ management team, lead by Mr. Britt Murphey, successfully negotiated the purchase of the company from Harley Davidson, Inc. and has been under the same private ownership since the purchase.
Since 1996, B&B Molders has experienced its greatest growth by developing new and exciting products and reinvesting in facilities and equipment, but more importantly B&B Molders invested in training and educating its employees.  Connecting investments in technology, such as computerized process monitoring and advanced process simulation, to the theories and disciplines of scientific molding has positioned B&B Molders to provide high quality products at competitive prices for many years into the future!!  Contact us soon to let us show you!